Monday, April 6, 2015


For a limited time, i would like to clear off all old stocks at irresistable prices. Kindly call me at 012-2285939 or email me at for a quote on any of my vehicles in range.

No money?......No worry!!!!!......our flexible financing package means even 100% loan is possible at very very low interest rates.



Doing business is whole lot easier with our versatile and affordable DFSK V21L van. This unit is custom made for hawker / mobile stalls.

Price is negotiable, and full loan are available for prospective customers.

ZNA Success...GST Clearance sale

We are clearing off these units which are GST free. Limited units available. All white units of ZNA success panel / semi panel van.

Everything is getting more expensive, but not our commercial vehicles. Its still cheap and affordable, furthermore we will absorb GTS from your loan, and other JPJ processing fees.

more white coloured units available

Easy loading wide wide aperture sliding doors

Few units are available while stock last

Manual gearbox only. Simple and ergonomic interior

Wide loading bay with stainless steel dividers.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

JBC Heavy Duty lorry from China

Chinese answer to Isuzu's domination is the JBC SY1044
LED lamps for the front

Can be made into any configuration.

Similar ladder frame chassis as the Isuzu NPR, and the Same 4HF1 engine too

4 wheel or 6 wheel, you choose!

DFSK V21, the Pasar Malam Van from China

The Chinese answer to the Daihatsu Granmax

Box Van/ Pasar Malam Type

Pasar Malam Box Van

Window Van configuration

We can taylor make your choice

Panel Van configuration

The ZNA Success, Chinese equaivalent to Nissan NV200

The Chinese Equaivalent to the Nissan

 Clean and stylish cabin, looks similar to the Nissan van.
Swap out the radio for a 5 inch DVD/GPS system

Same profile as a Nissan van

The 4A15, 4cylinder, 16 valve engine. Also similar to the Nissan NV200

Foday NHQ 1029 4X2

Some additional photos of the Foday pickup truck.

This truck has a sturdy, live rear axle suspension, and a wishbone type front system with decoupled stabiliser bar. Great wheel articulation during off-roading and good ride stability at highway speeds.

I've tested this truck againts the Isuzu Rodeo 2.5, and seems to me this Foday is better and much more powerful than that.

Perhaps what's uninteresting is a dull cabin. This is expected for a truck of this low price, but bundle in an entertainment system with a 5inch screen and it will take the boredom away.

Monday, February 24, 2014

JBC Lorry

LED Signal lamps, and ultra bright lights

Jackup cabin for easy maintenance

Same chassis as the Hicom Perkasa/Isuzu NPR

Same engine, gearbox and drivetrain system on the Isuzu NPR/ Hicom Perkasa.

JBC Light Truck Series

This workhorse uses the proven reliable Isuzu 4D32 engine. With a cubic capacity of 3200cc, loading heavy goods is never a problem with this truck. Moreover it can be had with 3 sizes of:-

WHEEL BASE 3340/3058/2490

Different body fabrication can be custom made on your request, so call Eric at 012-2285939 for an apointment. With Euro 2 Engine classification, road tax subjected to a 50% discount.

Price starts at RM 69,000.00, further discounts can be arranged. Full loan arrangeable.

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VFSK V25L Mini Cargo Van

DFSK V25L Mini cargo van

With 800kg of loading capacity, this van is not only compact, but has huge loading capacity for a van of this size.

The 1.3 Litre engine has sufficient power to move this van while returning a good fuel consumption of 7.6Litres/100Km which is even better than a perodua Myvi in comparison.

The price of this van starts at RM49,000.00 OTR price, and comes with a comprehensive 3 years warranty, which ensures a problem free motoring.

Same engine with Daihatsu Granmax

For test drive, call Eric at 012-2285939. 100% loan is arrangeable


Good looks, aerodynamic design

Ergonomically designed cabin, solid cabin quality.

Panel van design

Engine is engineered by Nissan


Bearing a 1.5 Litre petrol engine from the Nissan Group, this van has proven reliability of any chinese vans on the road, furthermore with a price tag of just RM57,000.00 it is destined to be the most affordable vehicle for small businesses. VVT Engine provides decent power on full loads while returning good fuel economy.

This ZNA sucess will be the best china van your money can buy at this moment.

This vehicle now comes with a 3 year warranty or 100,000km (Whichever comes first) which makes motoring in ZNA a pleasure.

Call me Eric (012-2285939) for a test drive today.

Full loan can be arrangeable.

Monday, February 17, 2014


Striking white colour, good looks

Handsome side profile

For a limited time, it comes with a bedliner FREE

FODAY NHQ1029 4X2 Double Cab 2.8

-Comes in multiple colours of White,Black,Silver or Grey
-3 Years warranty, and 3 free service is given

This vehicle is priced at RM60,000.00 onwards.

This truck has the similar engine as the Isuzu Rodeo. With proven reliability of the Isuzu engine, and with 3 years warranty coverage, rest your mind in peace for a trouble free motoring with the most reliable chinese brand in the Malaysian market.

The model Foday 2.5 Diesel double cab will be the pick of the range as it provides effeortless power with its newer Common rail direct injection engine from the Toyota Hilux range.